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i sent off a manuscript to Turtle magazine. I am pleased. The article I am writing for Highlights magazine is almost done.

I officially cannot attend college fall semester due to financial reasons. it sucks but I will just go in the spring. Now I am focusing on the trip to Disneyland next month and Def Leppard in 10 days!!! I m hoping my husband can go to Disneyland with us since he needs to see how much better it is than Disneyworld. Plus without my brother, it will seem a tad lonely. But we shall see.All I know is Sept 20 I will be on the renovated Space Mountain and enjoying every second of it.

I think I will read this Goosebumps book today before I give it to my brother.
After yesterday, I was sure today would really really suck....

I was wrong.

First, my husband had a good doctor appointment and although we do not have the finances right now to do everything the doctor recommends, he is going to go through counseling.

Second - The Colorado Rockies scored 11 runs yesterday so today was 4 tacos for $1 at Taco Bell. Now I normally would not eat beef, cheese or a taco shell, but I ate it and enjoyed it.

Third - My husband received a random mystery check which covered the doctor appointment, prescription, gas in car and tacos. Yay for free money.

Fourth - Photo Shoot is on for Thursday
I've never had to do all of the turtle stuff by myself. Usually my husband does most of this and I just snuggle with the animals. Man, that takes forever. I bathed the turtles and tortoises including having to wash Anastasia's face because the bath did not remove her black mask. While bathing them I cleaned out both of the large enclosures and washed out the water dishes. I cleaned litterboxes and when the turtles were done in the bath, I put fish in their water bowl for them to hunt. Prometheus got both fish and once he had the taste of blood in his mouth, he went on a rampage, just like shark. It was cute. The box turtles are on a huge blueberry kick right now. Prometheus loves anything that is grown in Colorado. I think because he used to be a wild turtle before he was injured in a fire. Now he so domesticated and is the only one of the dour that demands to be fed. The rest just get surprised when I feed them. He stares me down until I feed him and gives me this evil look when I do not follow his schedule. lol

Today I also cleaned toilets and the bath tub, did dishes, did laundry, cleaned carpets (pre cleaning since we have professional cleaners coming) cooked, shopped, worked out, went swimming, cleaned counters and spent time with my husband. More prudictive then i usually am on my day off.

Aug. 6th, 2009

My tortoises have turned black from something they got into. Guess it is group bath time, though I hate using the bath tub for reptiles. I usually bath them one at a time. Of course whenever I am awake the weather is not right to take them out, but it is perfect when I sleep. Ackness! I have to buy more grasshoppers because we only have one left and that will start a brawl. Also buying feeder fish so we can watch the turtles hunt for fish.
Man, my cardio health has increased so much recently. I have to increase resistance/incline (depending on the machine) and increase speed just to reach my target heart rate. It is a good thing but holy shit is all I can say.
I had an amazing workout and then some amazing sex. I was prepping my food before I took a shower and was doing this naked. That lead to amazing sex complete with toys, spanking, roughness, etc. Yum. I feel like all of my problems are gone. OMG.

I am making my spicy BBQ sauce now. I just finished eating some amazing cod I made. I love fish.Yes, my life is so exciting...
I think I made myself sick by not reading a warning label on medicine. Think I might be bleeding from places I should not be bleeding from, but I might be wrong. Also realized that I might have the same type of eating disorder my mom had, though it was unintentional on my part. I try and do everything the right way. Working out, eating nutritious foods, etc. Now I am afraid that I screwed up my body so bad by accident that I will have to see a doctor. I just cannot believe I was so stupid. Ugh. I thought I was helping myself. Blah. I will give it a week and go from there.

Oh, and I am a little upset because I did eat dairy, bread and home made pea soup yesterday plus lunch meat. So much sodium and processed foods and it makes me feel sick =(
I am Nauseous for the second Saturday in a row. Thankfully I had not left for the gym yet before I got sick. Now all of my food makes me feel sick. Trying to decide if I either force myself to eat healthy stuff, not eat at all, or eat what sounds good to me but will ruin my health plan. Plus I still want to work out but I cannot make myself worse before work. Rahr.

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